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Commercial and Industrial Properties
Multi-Family Residential Properties
Agricultural Land
Commercial Recreational Properties
Vacant Industrial, Commercial and Residential Present and Future Use Rezoning, Subdivision or Development Land
Impacted or Contaminated Properties
Land Dedication Appraisals for City of Winnipeg Development Applications
Conservation Easements (Land Trusts, Eco-Gifts)
First Nations Land Developments
Acquisition for Indigenous  Land Settlements
Negotiated Settlement or Expropriation / Partial takings / Easements
Valuation Day Appraisals for Capital Gains
Legal Valuations including Expert Testimony and Litigation Support
Appraisal Review
Feasibility Studies and Highest & Best Use Analysis
Market Study and Market Rent Studies
Retirement and Long-Term Care Facilities
Insurance Replacement Cost Estimates
AACI, P. App.
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